Sunday, 2 November 2014

Pokolbin Sate Forest Camp

Our intention was to camp at Joe's Cove in Mungo Brush.

According to my topo map this site should be an easy drive along Tait's Fire Trail.

Tait's Fire Trail, like every trail in Mungo Brush, was locked.

The restriction of access to State Forests is a huge issue with me.

We headed back to Pokolbin Sate Forest to have a look at the camp site we found two weeks previous.

Access via Pokolbin Mountain Road on to Broken Back Road.

It was a hot day, 37C in Pokolbin.

We were on the Eastern side and well shaded.

A cool change arrived around 4.30pm and we were hit with a terrific thunder storm.

Tent was up so we stayed nice and dry.

View from the tent.

Camp site.

Through the trees to cliff face.

The view South to the Watagans.

East to the Coast.

Camping is not an excuse to be uncivilised.

The temperature dropped to 9C overnight with a big SW picking up. Sunrise was still and cold. Worth the early rise to watch.

'Watching' the sunrise.

Packed and ready for the days adventure.

The next camping spot. High up on the ridge line facing NW. The view from where the tent will be pitched.

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  1. "The restriction of access to State Forests is a huge issue with me." ....I predict a fight coming on...