Monday, 6 October 2014

Ellenborough Falls

Access is via Wingham or Comboyne on unsealed roads. Both are in good shape and a 4WD is not required.

Via Comboyne is the more scenic route.

A timber path provides access all the way to the bottom of the falls. It is a fair hike and steep but worth the effort.

Without a doubt the biggest surprise was the Ellenborough Falls Kiosk. Open only Friday - Sunday the food was amazing.

Home made quiche, vegetable soup, gourmet pies and a range of deserts all from locally supplied ingredients.

Worth the trip for the food alone.

Ellenborough Falls Kiosk


  1. Haven't heard of this falls before, it's massive! Did you trek up the base of the falls?
    How far is this from Newcastle, have to drag Andrew one day :)

  2. You start from the top and work your way down. At the base you could easily rock hop down the gorge if you are up for it. To be honest we didn't have it in us with the climb back to the top. I would say about 31/2 hours from Newcastle via Wingham. Add another hour via Wauchope and Comboyne. Your best bet might be a day trip out from a camp base at Myall Lakes (I think you know a spot). Maybe 21/2-3 hours via Wauchope and Comboyne. You will love the food!